• Linhof Master Technika Classic, 4 x 5-inch large format camera
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Super Angulon 5.6/75mm Multicoating
  • Rodenstock Grandagon-N 6.8/90mm
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Apo-Symmar 5.6/210mm
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar 5.5/360
The Linhof Master Technika Classic is an excellent camera because of the 4 x 5-inch film sheet and the variety of movements of the front and rear sections, apart or in combination. It is an ideal device for architecture photography. It is also applicable for portraiture because of the abillity to use i.e. tilt or swivel to affect the plane of focus and depth of field for creative effects.


  • Nikon D810 full frame 
  • Nikon PC-E Nikkor 3.5/24mm ED Nano
  • Nikon AF-S 2.8/24-70mm ED
  • Nikon MF 1.2/50mm


  • Gitzo tripod GT3532LS
  • FLM CB-58 FTR centreball with Linhof Quickfix tripod connector
  • RRS BH-55 with lever-release clamp
  • RSS BD810-L plate for Nikon D810



  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
  • BW Artisan Pro is an innovative and smartly developed photoshop panel by Joel Tjintjelaar. Unique features are: advanced smart linear adjustments, micro zone adjustments, 12 split tone presets et cetera. I love this panel because of the diversity of essential features, the accuracy and easy to use by the beginner and the advanced photographer for professional editing of black and white photos
  • SilverFast Ai Studio 8 scanner software by LaserSoft Imaging
  • Reciprocity Timer App for calculating and timing long film exposures
  • The Massive Dev Chart is a wonderful App for analogue photographers. It is the world’s largest film development chart (Digitaltruth Photo Ltd)
  • ND Timer App is excellent for long exposure photography with digital cameras (Three60, digital design company)
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