Why analog large format photography?

Why analog large format photography when there are excellent digital cameras? I thought about this question for several months, and eventually, I decided to purchase a pre-owned but in mint state condition, the 4×5 inch Linhof Master Technika Classic. For two years I was dissatisfied the way I photographed with

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kempkensberg duo

Critical thoughts about artistic vision

I create fine-art photographs by using my ideas about the subject, using my artistic vision. The pictures of famous artist such as Joel Tjintjelaar, Richard Avedon, and Irving Penn triggered my latent sense of creativity a couple of years ago. I wrote Joel and asked him if he could teach

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Radio Kootwijk

Large format camera: focusing

On Friday, March 30th, 2018, I drove to Radio Kootwijk in the province of Gelderland (NL) to capture a beautiful building that the Dutch government used for communication (from 1923) with the former Dutch East Indies. It was designed by Julius Luthmann (Amsterdam school) in Art Deco style, built with

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